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Bettany Hughes

written and directed

by Mehmet Emin Öztürk

“This story is about the relation between light and image. In physics light is called electro-magnetic radiation. For some it is speed. For many it brings abundance. Refraction, reflection and absorption. It heralds the time of the day. It is the day of the year. It is the paint in architecture -that fills spaces. It is the colour in art -magic in wonderland. Forms and patterns. Light travels over matter and lives. It is the heat that warms the soul. In photography it is everything and nothing. Highlights and shadows. Capturing reality and time. Seal on the past. This is the story of a love affair where Eastern light meets the photographic technique. Where two sides die and live for each other. Where two complete one an other.”

The light burns bright despite the absence around it.

There is no color but white.

A transparent substance has been born from a solid.

A medium faithful to the original.

Their separation is the film’s protection.

Through trauma to realise beauty.